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Information about Kelley Blocks

Kelley Blocks can be used in a variety of situations, regardless of angles or variation in landscape. We have the ability to do any curve that is desired. Kelley Blocks are also equipped with pockets in the bottom face to allow easy handling with a forklift.

Our standard concrete blocks measure 4' x 2' x2', consisting of nearly one half yard of concrete and weighing approximately 2000 pounds. Two grout tubes extend down through the block allowing access for structural concrete and steel reinforcement, if necessary for your project. Each grout tube is 8" square, and spaced one foot in from each side of the block and two feet on center. As the blocks are stacked, grout tubes line up to form a column casing, an excellent receptacle for a fence or railing post. The grout tubes taper down slightly towards the block's base to make filling of the tubes consistent.

Another key feature of Kelley Blocks is our tie back system. A cast recess in the shape of a "T" supports an optional bracket that fits flush into the top of the block. This allows the wall to be continually built, leaving a convenient and solid support embedded in the finished wall which can be attached to the deadman (anchor), or soil anchor, at any time. Additionally Kelley Blocks can be used with geo-grids to provide more flexibility in designing your project. Kelley Blocks also have a recessed cable allowing easy lifting and setting of the blocks. Because it is recessed, blocks can be set and poured into place without the inconvenience of having to bend or remove the cable. The knobs on the top of the block are arranged so that they interlock into the corresponding recesses in the bottom of the next block.

Standard Kelley Blocks are designed for staggered 90-degree corners, with 45-degree blocks available as well. Angled blocks can be ordered with finish facing applied either on the inside or outside of the corner. With our round blocks, we have the ability to do any curve that is desired. Kelley Blocks are designed to allow easy handling with a forklift.

Kelley Blocks do not necessarily require a footing. They may be set on firm ground, though they may need to be "keyed" into the ground. A footing may be required in large walls, depending on the type and condition of the soil, the specific wall size, and what type of soil the wall is retaining. In many cases, walls may be set in firm bedding. Providing a finished product that is structurally sound while alleviating the need for forms, Kelley Blocks are attractive, stable, and convenient, making them the perfect system for large or small projects. We are capable of assisting you in the planning and construction of your project. We can provide and install the Kelley Blocks or assist you or your contractor in the proper setting of your system.

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